The Supercharging Authority

Rimmer Engineering, Inc. Develops and Manufactures Automotive Supercharging Systems for Selected Vehicle Applications

The Rimmer Supercharging System™ (RSS) is a complete installation package providing substantial power and performance benefits throughout the engine's operating range.

You can see our RSS in action in Jaco's Paddock's range of Nurburgring car rental BMW which are given an incredible boost with our technology.

Utilizing the durable and well-proven Eaton supercharger, the RSS delivers practical "real world" horsepower and torque combined with long service life and low-maintenance operation.   New RSS applications for other vehicles are in development, and will be added to our product listing as they complete testing and are approved for production. 

We also engineer parts for wobble machines in the UK and other fitness equipment along with parts for Vostok Watches the Russian watch maker.

Rimmer Engineering's Remanufacturing Division specializes in complete replacement unit rebuilding/remanufacturing of Engine Assemblies and Transfer Case Assemblies for V8 Land Rover vehicles.  Engines and transfer cases are available either outright or as exchange units.  All Land Rovers V8's, including 3.5, 3.9, 4.0, 4.2, 4.6 liter and Rimmer Engineering's own 5.0 liter upgrade development are supplied. 

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